Man of the Year

Tom Gillenwater

Tom with his plaque

Tom Gillenwater shows off his plaque for Man of the Year

There are individuals in organizations who work behind the scenes/fly below the radar and expect nothing more than the satisfaction of seeing their efforts produce results.  AANR-Florida has such an individual in its midst who has contributed much, yet few people realize he has even had a hand in some of the things in which he is involved.

This person has fought for the right to continue using designated areas of our Florida beaches on which to enjoy our chosen recreational pursuits.  He has been involved with a very successful travel club and has moved on to co-ownership of a hugely successful landed club in AANR-Florida.

While he quietly works his “magic” in the background, the results he achieves are outstanding, and recognition for his dedication to creating a social family nudist environment wherever he goes is long overdue.

The explosive growth of clubs in which he is involved, the high profile contacts he has fostered relationships with along the way, the visible efforts such as AANR joining the ABATE Run to Tallahassee that he is responsible for organizing and the lasting impact he has made on not only his community, but the veterans who reside nearby are just some of this person’s many accomplishments.

It is with deep appreciation for all he quietly does that I nominate Tom Gillenwater as AANR-Florida’s Man of the Year.


Woman of the Year

BG Parkes

Dick Warblow presents BG with her plaque as Woman of the Year

Dick Warblow presented BG Parkes with her plaque as Woman of the Year

This nominee has a very long history of contributions to both AANR and AANR-Florida, which have gone unrecognized far too long.  She is most definitely one of AANR’s strongest promoters and has accomplishments far too numerous to detail here.

She joined AANR in 1986 and began to make an impact very quickly.  It wasn’t long before she became the force behind the largest travel club in the country, which reached over 4,000 members at one point.

While promoting her own club, she unofficially at the same time became AANR’s biggest ambassador, traveling extensively throughout the U.S. and bringing awareness to people who had not known about AANR.

She now has extended her accomplishments even further as co-owner of a landed club as well.  In the two years this new club has been opened, it has not only quickly grown to over 500 members, but has made an extremely positive impact on its community as well.

Through her efforts on behalf of both the non-landed and landed clubs, this person has inspired not just our region, but the national organization as well, to focus on a cause everyone can relate to – America’s veterans – and how we can enrich their lives as a way to thank them for their service to our country.

It is with extreme gratitude for all she does that I nominate BG Parkes as AANR-Florida’s Woman of the Year.