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Florida Running Bares

It started with four friends, nude, in the Fall of 2011 talking about going places and doing things au natural.  We said, “There must be lots of other couples who think like we do”.  Couples who want to associate with other nudists at house parties, picnics and travel to resorts together.  A few weeks later the idea would not let go, and we decided that we should form our own non-landed nudist club for couples who want to enjoy the freedom of nudity the way we do.  A few phone calls spread the idea around, and on October 8, 2011 a small group met and formed the Florida Running Bares.  The name comes from a club formerly attended by our co-founder Joel.  It has caused some confusion as people sometimes think that we are a “running” club.  So, that became a top question and answer on our FAQ list.

Is FRB a "running" club?

I'm glad you asked!  No, Florida Running Bares’ name comes from a former club that our co-founder, Joel once attended in Indiana.  While we may “run around naked", we are not a running or jogging club.

One thing we all could agree on in the beginning was that we wanted to adopt the guidelines set by AANR and support AANR for the work they do to support nudist everywhere.  AANR is our advocate for nude recreation and, more importantly, our defense if we are accused or charged (as some have been) with simple nudity in our homes or private yards.  We support AANR and encourage others to do so.  Since that time we have worked closely with the great staff at AANR HQ in Kissimmee and have benefited from their help.  One month after our initial meeting, we applied for club membership with AANR and received “provisional status”.  Our website was developed next and has continued to grow as the need to inform our members has increased and as we try to reach out to new members through it.  To our great pleasure, AANR has recently announced our chartered club status.

We have many types of activities, some of which are at landed clubs such as Cypress Cove and Lake Como, beaches and, yes, some of them are at homes.  Some of the members live in communities where we do have the privacy to be nude outside the home as well as inside.  This includes backyard pools, hot tubs and patios.  However, if you don't have the ability to venture outside the home nude, you can, as some do, close the curtains and be nude inside.  Some of our gatherings include card and game night parties where the activities are centered in the home or on the patio and not necessarily in the pool or sunshine.  Also, some of our activities are in the public arena such as restaurants or tubing on the Rainbow River where, of course, we would not be nude.

I was asked a question once, “Why would people go to a home for a card or pool party, get undressed just for a few hours, then get dressed and go home?”  What a great question!  My wife, Debbie, had a good response.  She said, and I agree, that it has more to do with nudity being our lifestyle than just an activity.  For those who have been to nudist resorts and love them, I'll assume that you, like the rest of us, really enjoy the freedom of not being clothed.  Cypress Cove is one of our local favorites because we can take a long walk through the neighborhood with nothing on 'cept our sandals.  Freedom!  When we come home, it is only a matter of minutes before Debbie and I are nude.  Always in the house and in our private backyard...  Nude.

Now, as a group, we feel comfortable enough in our nudity and with other like-minded people to practice our lifestyle in their presence, whether we are just sitting chatting, playing cards or relaxing by the pool.  Case in point…we once spent a wonderful Labor Day weekend with some new club members – a great couple from England.  It was wonderful getting to know them better, but our mutual interest in the nude lifestyle provided the basis for that friendship.  As nice as it is, however, to be nude at home and in our yard, it is even better to expand your boundaries and be nude in other places such as a resort or beach and even other people's homes, and we enjoy knowing that others feel the same way and practice nudity the way we do.  So, we look for and enjoy the opportunity to be nude where and when we can and enjoy the company of others who feel the same.

What's the best thing about our club?  Friends enjoying the company of other friends in their natural state.  Being nude means dropping more than your clothes; you drop the social status, the judgments and just have fun!  If you enjoy and practice nudism and want to enjoy the company of others that do, then join us for our next event and see what you've been missing!


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