What Is A Nakation?

Everything needed for your nude vacation - just add you!

A Nakation®—a stress-free au naturel vacation-- is a great way to put a little naked in your next vacation. There’s no better way to get the most enjoyment and relaxation from your next vacation than putting a little naked in it. Book a night or two at a clothes-free resort or campground, visit a nude beach for the day or book a clothing-optional cruise and viola! You’ve taken a Nakation!

Nakations are a great way to relax and recharge. When clothes come off, so do most of the mental cues that tie us to the work-a-day world. A Nakation frees the spirit and enhances the senses.

Plus packing is a breeze. All you need is some sun block, a towel and maybe some music or a favorite book and you’re ready to rest, relax and re-energize.