Nudist Profiles

Nancy Tieman

It goes without saying that as we kick off February, many of us nudists are packing our bags to set sail on the “Big Nude Boat” with Bare Necessities.  It is appropriate that this month’s nudist spotlight is on Nancy Tieman.

The first cruise was in 1991, and this year represents a twenty-fifth anniversary for both Bare Necessities and the nude cruises.  Nancy Tieman created a niche in nude recreation and filled a need for nudists from all over the world.  The cruises are first class, and to say that the February cruises have become a Who’s Who in the nudist community would be an understatement.

Nancy has not only revolutionized the nude cruise; she continues to be an ambassador for nude recreation and a partner to many organizations and communities within the nude recreation industry.  Nudism has benefitted immeasurably from her support of the community, her donations to it and her impact in not only the nudist world, but in the mainstream as well.

Thank you, Nancy, for all you have done for our community, and congratulations on twenty-five years of success.  We will see you in a few weeks!

Renee Christian

This month’s featured nudist is someone who is absolutely beautiful from the inside out. Renee Christian and her partner Tom, has just celebrated twenty-eight years of making nudists beautiful though their special boutique, Under the Sun, which is geared primarily towards “clothing for the free spirit” and is well known within our community. However, what helps make Under the Sun truly special is Renee. Anyone who is personally acquainted with her knows her big smile, large heart and her commitment to the nudist community. Under the Sun has also been a long-time participating business with AANR.

Renee sees things in people we don’t see in ourselves. Shopping with Renee is not a “shopping trip”; it is a “shopping experience”. No matter what kind of day you have had or what is going on in your world, she makes everyone feel special and beautiful. If you have spent an afternoon with Renee, met her at a nudist resort, had her pick out an outfit for you or just made her acquaintance, you know what we are talking about.

So, in celebration of Under the Sun’s 28 years, let’s celebrate 28 years of Renee making the nudist community look and feel beautiful. Her patience, kindness, generosity and loving spirit are as renowned as the clothes she sells. We, as nudists, know it is not about the clothing; it’s about what is on the inside. The irony here is that what Renee does is make us feel beautiful on the outside as well as inside.

Thank you Renee for all you contribute to our community!


Morley Schloss

Our entire nation changed in 1969, highlighted by an event that signifies an entire era, generation and change in mindset for our country.  That event was Woodstock, and it forever changed the life of Morley Schloss.  Woodstock was his first “skinny dipping” experience, and since that moment, he has not only been a naturist, his life’s work has been geared towards the advocacy, education and promotion of being a Naturist.

Morley founded Naturist Rochester, which is the longest running non-landed city naturist club in the US.  He has coordinated the Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven for 24 years and has coordinated the Midwinter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens, which will celebrate its 50th year in 2015, for 27 years.  These alone are major accomplishments, but these only scratch the surface of his involvement in the preservation and growth of Naturism.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about Morley was divulged in the decision of the 1992 ruling of New York’s highest court, where the People of the State of New York v. Santorelli and Schloss gave women equal rights to be top-free.  Morley and his then-wife, Mary, were leaders in this case, perhaps one of the most important cases in our nation’s history for this effort, and still stands today.

Morley, a former president of Eastern Sunbathing Association (ESA) – now AANR-East – , is one of the founders of the Naturist Society NAC and Education Council who has spent a lifetime serving, preserving and advocating our way of life.  Interestingly enough, with all of this history, he admits that one of the accomplishments he is proudest of, is the abolishment of the royalty pageants that ASA (now AANR) held.  He felt strongly that these pageants were a misrepresentation of our community.

In 2008, Morley received the Baxandall Naturist Leadership Award "in recognition of exceptional volunteer service on behalf of naturism”.  Lee Baxandall personally suggested he receive this award, which meant a lot to Morley.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about Morley is that he walks the walk.  His club, Sunsport Gardens, is a true naturist haven.  The property is unique in that it is a family-orientated community, where organic, healthy living practices – both mind and body – are instilled.  The club is ecologically minded and works to preserve the vegetation and habitat.  Additionally, their restaurant is health food conscious, and the primary source of heat for the hot tub spa, pool and some showers is solar panels.

Sunsport Gardens is also a leader in a fair approach, and there is NO discrimination regardless of marital status, gender, sexual orientation or age.  But in all fairness to Morley, the one thing that stands out is his work with the younger nudists.  Where many organizations and clubs have failed to nurture a program that supports our youth, Morley has succeeded.  He supports three events a year for young adults, which will draw anywhere from 75 to 200 of our communities younger generation.  He truly walks the walk for what he believes in.  Many of us cannot quote the exact definition of Naturist, but one thing is for sure, if you look up Naturist in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Morley Schloss.

Thank you, Morley, for the investment of your time and your life to the preservation and education of naturism!


Nudists for Nudism


AANR Florida continues to recognize members who have made contributions to nudism.  While many of you are familiar with NUSASUN, many of you are not familiar with its editor-in-chief, Jack Gibson.  NUSASUN is a publication that globally promotes nude recreation, and although the magazine is only a few years old, Jack’s participation and commitment to nude recreation goes back years.

Jack first became an AANR member in 1982.  He has been a long time resident of Paradise Lakes and has served extensively within the community.  While AANR does not always share the views of NUSASUN, Jack has been a staunch supporter of AANR and this month featured a perspective from AANR’s own Executive Director, Bill Schroer.  Whenever AANR or AANR-Florida has reached out to Jack to support an event, an idea or article, Jack is always willing to assist.  Jack also worked as a consultant for the Bulletin when they changed their format and adopted an online version.

Most recently, Jack and his long-time companion, Kathy, have taken on a bigger task – nudity in social media.  With a huge Facebook following, the NUSASUN Facebook page has worked extensively at championing nudism and nude recreation without breaking the archaic rules set by Facebook, but reflecting nudism with good taste, humor and in the appropriate light.  Unfortunately, Facebook continues to issue “timeouts” and had not too long ago, shut down their page.  Their battle continues daily to “expose” the world to the beauty of being a nudist, the beauty of the human body, champion our nudist community and keep us will informed about relevant issues and items in nude recreation.

For more information about NUSASUN or to read it online, please visit their website at or like them on Facebook.


Creating Nudist Novels:  A New Genre by Georgie Rhein writing as M.G. Nash

After a career of working with clients to meet deadlines, it has been a joy to retire and enjoy writing in a nudist lifestyle environment at Paradise Pines Nudist Park in Lutz, Florida.Barefoot Lady Book Cover

Since my husband has been a nudist longer than me, he is my first reader, offering story suggestions, and we often create scenes together. Writing has always been a passion of mine, so I continue to fulfill it by contributing articles to the nudist magazines in Pasco County.  That's where the idea developed of trying a romance book with a twist – a nudist resort would be part of the setting and plot!  Just for fun, I created a pseudonym, M.G. Nash, hoping an alter ego would make my writing more adventurous.

Viola, the nudist novel, was born, and Cabo Shadows at Puente Pescadero in the Baja was my first effort capturing a nude beach. The main character was a nudist who lured his love attraction into trying the lifestyle.  When a timeshare syndicate tries to buy up the beach hoping to turn a condo-ridden coastline into their money pit, the lovers very cleverly fight back.

The second nudist novel, Nothing Like Naked, focuses on a nudist resort fictionally based in Greenville, South Carolina, but when you read it, you will recognize Florida resorts where my research took place.  The resort is threatened by a televangelist who wants the land to expand his ministry.  To the rescue comes a Florida-based investigative reporter whose auntie retired at the resort and loves it.  So greedy minister versus determined reporter – who do you think wins?

Third in the nudist series is Barefoot Lady, written to honor a true Florida nudist who lived and loved with her partner, Bill, on their sailboat Barefoot Lady.  Did you know most sailors shed their clothes the minute they can?  There is nothing better than feeling the breeze surround your naked skin!  In this romance, Bill and Pat have to battle old demons and the lure of the sea as someone re-enters Bill's life and tempts him with easy money.  It's a battle of wits and wills!

By writing a series of nudist novels, I hope to inspire other writers to consider nudism as a theme for interesting characters, humor, and, of course, dramatic changes.  There's always something happening!

You can find the nudist titles on under my name, Georgie Rhein.  I'm just starting a new book, Nudie Blues, about a nudist resort in Savannah, GA.  It will make the perfect stocking stuffer when it comes out in early December.